Creative Writing Project

Fifth Grade:

First Place - Annette Macedo

Second Place - Kimbrtly Guardado Vasquez

Third place - Evette Jimenez

Sixth Grade:

First Place - Natalia Beltra

Second Place - Shardae Rios

Third Place - Alondra Barajas

Our Creative Writing Project won the District Eleven Letha H. Brown Literacy Award in 2013 and our partnership earned a grant from our International Organization in 2015 and the Anaheim Community Foundation Helping Hands in 2016.

Fourth Grade:

First Place - Devyn Smith

Second PLace - Nikolas Vidal

Third Place - Giselle Rodriquez

Our Altrusa Club has partnered with the Anaheim Public Library, Ponderosa Library, the Anaheim City School System and the Chance Theater to assist local students in improving their writing skills.  Collectively we sponsored a creative writing project at the Ponderosa Elementary School which is a part of the Anaheim Elementary School District.  It is located in a low socio-economic neighborhood of south Anaheim and has very few kids that enter college upon completion of high school. A large cultural diversity exists among the students attending Ponderosa Elementary School

Altrusa Club members have worked very hard to develop and promote the creative writing project, “Finding My Voice, Telling My Story,” that is loved by all its partners.  Altrusa works with Ponderosa school staff, Anaheim Library,  Chance Theater and Anaheim Elementary School District  to involve, instruct, help, and reward the 500 participants in the writing project.

Special Thanks to all the Dignitaries who attended our Celebration  11/14/16

Lucille Kring - Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem

James Vanderbilt - Anaheim City Council

Council Member Elect Stephen Faessel

Anaheim Elementary School District - Board Member Elect - Jackie Filbeck

Anaheim City Librarian - Audrey Lujan

APLF Board - Joan Pettite

APL Board - Stan Oflelie

Ponderosa Librarian - Kathy Heard